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We provide material scanning, 3D modeling and high-end visualization services for manufacturers.

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Material scanning

Transfering your materials into the digital world

Looking to provide your materials to architects and designers? Our scanning services deliver top-notch digital copies, bridging the gap between producers and creatives!

High-quality digital copies

With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, we can quickly and accurately scan your products.

PBR standard

We always provide you with high-quality digital copies in the PBR standard.

3D models

Highly detailed 3D models with optimized topology

Our team of skilled 3D artists is committed to creating highly detailed 3D models with optimized topology to ensure smooth usage in the most popular 3D softwares. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure that every model we create is of the highest quality.

Visualizations and animations

Creating top-notch visualizations and animations

At our company, we are dedicated to creating stunning CGI visualizations and animation, that showcase our clients' products in the best possible light.


We understand that the success of your business relies on effectively showcasing your products to potential customers.


We are here to help you deliver an eye-catching, simple, and understandable visual message about your product to your customers.

Online library

Showcasing your products and materials to the world

As a manufacturer, one of your main goals is to get your products in front of the right audience. This can be a challenging task, particularly in the age of digital marketing where there are so many channels and platforms to consider.

Online library

That's why we at Reawote have created an online library where manufacturers like you can publish your digitized products.

For architects and designers

This library allows architects and designers to browse through thousands of 3D assets from various companies all in one place.

Product configurators

Customize your perfect product

Experience the joy of crafting your dream product with our highly intuitive and easy-to-use 3D configurator, offering you seamless  and effortless integration!


Boost your sales by offering customers personalized and immersive product experiences, simplifying the buying process, and enhancing customer engagement.


We understand that the success of your business relies on effectively showcasing your products to potential customers.

Successful stories

Testimonials and client’s reviews.

We are very satisfied with the service provided by Reawote. The organisation and the process worked very well.The scans enable us to provide our customers with all the necessary data for renderings and visualisations with our natural surfaces.

Franziska Dascalita

Marketing & Communications, Organoid

By working with Reawote we were able to take our product presentation to a new dimension. The quality and implementation of the project exactly according to our wishes distinguishes the cooperation with Reawote.

Aila Schiesbühl

Sample department, Englisch Dekor

It's obvious that Reawote enjoy their work as it is reflected in the quality of their work every time. What I appreciate about Reawote: The willingness to engage with special requirements and to work out solutions together and quickly in exchange.

Johannes Eulberg

Product designer international, STO

We highly recommend partnering with REAWOTE to enhance the quality of your digital files. Their scanning output streamlines data work, delivering top-notch quality. Perfect processing is our priority, and with REAWOTE, we have full confidence.

Nikola Brzáková

Graphic Designer, Technistone