The requirements of clients and market has rapidly increased within the last five years, and today almost every studio spends a significant portion of the project budget on visualisations.

Visualizations have started to be a distinguished discipline among other civil engineering fields. Since beautiful visualizations rely on PBR materials, they have become a significant part of our work. So, during this time we found ourselves spending a lot of time in the creation of PBR materials.

Luckily, there are great PBR libraries, but those contain only general and artificial materials and do not provide information about real producers of digitized materials which is crucial for our work. If you show realistic visualization to your clients, they expect to get the same result in reality.

Therefore, we worked with excellent tools such as Substance Designer to reproduce materials of real producers in order to display them within our projects, and we started to realize that PBR materials based on real-life products are really in demand and there are no libraries that can be directly used as the source.


We are connecting architects and surface manufacturers through architectural visualisation

As an architect

You are always looking for particular materials or products for your architectural visualization to present your project in a realistic and credible way. Afterwards, you have to find their equivalents on the market to give your client what they are expecting.

As 3D artist

You are happy to have a library of pre-prepared materials, which saves you time by you not having to create your own material from scratch.

As a manufacturer

Of any kind of surface (wooden floorboards, fabrics, plaster etc.), you want architects to know your company and its products.