3D product configurator

Discover the ultimate solution to enhance your e-commerce experience

Visualize and customize your product easily in real-time.

There's no need for any specialized software or technical expertise. Our configurator is user-friendly and intuitive. It allows you to select and customize product parts or materials easily, creating a truly personalized product.

E-commerce booster

Engage customers with a truly personalized experience.

Ready-made solution

Utilize our pre-made configurator and save on custom development costs.

No code web integration

Copy and paste embed code for easy integration to your website.

AR experience

Project the 3D model into your space to see how it look in reality.

Interactive model function and additional tools

Interactive model

  • Integrate the model on your website and control it easily
  • Rotate the 3D model in any direction
  • Zoom in the details

Surface configurator

Change surface colour and material

Basic dimensions
(x, y, z)

Show real dimensions of the product

Different language versions

Various language mutation


Project model to real space (augmented reality)

Product sheet

PIN (button) shows product information


  • Show inner parts by hiding the shell
  • Moving parts (open / rotate)
  • House dismantling to see the layout

Interactive model control

Configure the model in real-time in a simple and understandable user interface.

AR real-time experience

Step into a new dimension where you can virtually touch, rotate, and examine your desired products right from your mobile device. Whether it's furniture for your home, a new fashion accessory, or cutting-edge tech gadgets, our AR product showcase brings your shopping experience to life. It's like holding the product in your hand, even before you buy.

Use cases

The wide range of applications is a compelling reason to consider transforming your products into 3D models.

Steps to bring your product into the configurator

Creating a 3D model and its optimization

Whether you have your own 3D model or we create one based on drawings, photos, or scanning, it is essential to optimize the 3D model to ensure proper display.

Texture creation

This involves converting material and color variations into computer form. We will create them from provided photos or scans.

Application settings

You can choose the material combinations to display in the configurator and specify other functions you wish to use (e.g., dimension display, language variations, info points on the model, model animation, a call to action link, augmented reality display, etc.).

Embedding on the website

You can easily embed the configurator anywhere on your website using a simple embed code.


These are the most common questions we get from customers.

What is an interactive model?

3D projection of an object/product on a website, allowing you to freely rotate the object and view it from all sides.

What functions can I use within the interactive model?

Surface configuration, dimension display, Augmented Reality (AR), model or part animations, info point display directly on the model, view reset, full screen, language options, or a call-to-action button.

How are your interactive models different?

We can link the interactive model to Augmented Reality (AR), allowing you to instantly view the product in your environment using your mobile device. We can also configure or animate it.

Is it possible to obtain statistics on the usage of the interactive model?

Yes, within Google Analytics, it is possible to measure user behavior of the interactive model.

Will AR work on all devices?

AR works on most devices that support augmented reality, including many with Android and iOS operating systems.

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